About Us

The Exhibition Association of the City and County of Saint John is a non-profit organization, established in 1889, to host fall fairs and agriculture exhibitions for the residents of Saint John. Since that time, Exhibition Park has been an integral part of the Saint John community.

The area once known as Moosepath Park in Saint John’s East Side was acquired by the Association in 1950 and since that time has been home to a variety of other year-round entertainment offerings, including Exhibition Bingo, hosted every Tuesday and Sunday, and the Saint John Exhibition.

As a non-profit organization under the leadership of an unpaid all-volunteer Board of Directors, the association contributes to a number of non-profit organizations during the year and rents the premises for a number of fundraising events on a cost recovery basis.

Throughout the year, the Board of Directors works on a number of projects and events that are offered at Exhibition Park.


The Exhibition Association is managed by General Manager Judy Martin, and overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors:

  • Glen Tait - President
  • Bob Tilley - Vice-President
  • Paul Gilbride - Secretary
  • Frank McCarey - Treasurer
  • Stan Fielding
  • Lorne Flower
  • Willard Jenkins
  • Gerry Lowe
  • Glen Thompson