Chow Down Corner - Food Trucks


Authentic Asian Food

Mixed Canadian & Asian Food  (1) Authentic Asian Foodtruck | Facebook

East Coast Fish & Chips\Donairs

Fish & Chip\Donairs\Poutine\Burgers\Gourmet Hot Dogs -

EBO's Food Truck

Serves RIBS,CHICKEN,Philly Cheese Steaks,onion rings

Mar's Mini Doughnuts

Mini doughnuts & ice cream  -

Rivers Edge Lemonade

Freshly squeezed Lemonade!  River's Edge Lemonade | Facebook


Seafood, sausages, pizza & more!  (9) Roxie's Food Sussex NB | Facebook

Serious Smoke

A retro fitted firetruck converted to a food truck that serves a wide variety of smoked meats in sandwiches, nachos and poutines. They also offer deep fried fritted desserts as well.

Yummy Yummy Hot Dogs

Local hotdog stand with fried and steamed hot dogs and sausages.  (1) Yummy Yummy Hotdogs | Facebook