Chow Down Corner - Food Trucks

Authentic Asian Food

Mixed Canadian & Asian Food  (1) Authentic Asian Foodtruck | Facebook

East Coast Fish & Chips\Donairs

Fish & Chip\Donairs\Poutine\Burgers\Gourmet Hot Dogs -

EBO's Food Truck

Serves RIBS,CHICKEN,Philly Cheese Steaks,onion rings

Mar's Mini Doughnuts

Mini doughnuts & ice cream  -


Well established food truck that serves up delicious, specialized poutines along with
other tasty items such as bacon wrapped hotdogs and fresh cut fries!  Poutinewagon | Facebook

Rivers Edge Lemonade

Freshly squeezed Lemonade!  River's Edge Lemonade | Facebook

Serious Smoke

A retro fitted firetruck converted to a food truck that serves a wide variety of smoked meats in sandwiches, nachos and poutines. They also offer deep fried fritted desserts as well.

Stoked - Artisan Pizza

Handcrafted made from scratch artisanal pizza  (1) Stoked - Artisan Pizza | Facebook

Yummy Yummy Hot Dogs

Local hotdog stand with fried and steamed hot dogs and sausages.  (1) Yummy Yummy Hotdogs | Facebook