Check out the Events Calendar for details and daily show times for events listed below!

Tickets for Turn em Loose Speedway, Jumpai, and the  Climbing wall - $5 each or 5/$20  

Belding Hill Farms

A small family run farm in Hampton, N.B. raising cows, Katahdin sheep, Berkshire pigs and several varieties of Heritage breed chickens, along with ducks and geese. Find them in Mooooo Town! - Bldg 4


Boyle’s Family Farm

Come meet our animals!.......... Hi Hi is our full-grown mini rooster. There’s Mabel the goat and our pigs Bacon and Bits! Don’t miss Norman! He loves bottles of milk and will come when his name is called! Take a horse for a ride!  Find us in Critter Alley - Bldg 3.

NormanImageHi HiBits

Canadian Raptor Conservency - Birds of Prey

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy is a 20+ year old organization that provides education about Canada’s various species of birds of prey. Check out the entertaining and informative live shows for these magnificent birds and the wonders of nature!


Crayola Bouncer/Slide

For kids 8 and under this exciting bouncer includes 2 slides as well as inflatable horses and crawl zones!


Dairy Farmers of NB - Moonica the milking cow!

Exciting Moos! The Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick join us this year at the Saint John Exhibition with their robotic milking cow. During the exhibition try your hand at milking Moonica, and say hello to some local Dairy Farmers.  Check it out in Critter Alley - Bldg 3.


Domino Man 

The Domino Man has wowed crowds with his impressive domino displays using up to 7000 dominoes covering 600 square feet of display surface.  Watch and be amazed as the domino topple takes several minutes and includes numerous incredible stunts!  You can test your skills on our own mini setup!  2 shows daily in Bldg 1 - 4pm & 8pm


East Coast Amusements

Rides and amusements provided by East Coast Amusements  – https://eastcoastamusements.ca/     Bracelet and ticket info here.

Jo-Dreen Farm

Come and see the Simmental cattle which are native to Switzerland and are raised for both dairy and beef purposes.  Find them in Mooooo Town! - Bldg 4


Jumpai - Bungie/Trampoline 

The Jumpaï is a thrilling activity that attracts crowds of all ages!  Composed of 4 independent trampolines, the Jumpaï allows the jumper to perform unlimited bounces and to "send themselves in the air" up to nearly 10 meters in height.


Maritime Lumberjack Championship

Saturday, August 31, 2024 on the Racetrack!

Poultry Show

You'll be greeted with lots of noise here in Bldg #3...Hundreds of our feathered friends gathered together for a show. Check out the colored eggs category and try your luck at sorting the eggs!!!


Rock Climbing Wall  

An adventure awaits you with the rock climbing wall that stands over 24 feet in height with its realistic rock climbing surface.  It offers four unique climbing station and it can handle four climbers simultaneously!  Come give it a try!


Science East  

Play, discover and learn with Science East! Come and play with interactive exhibits, solve challenging puzzles, watch incredible science shows and try some hands-on activities. Lots of fun for all ages!   Find them in Bldg 2.

Start Your Engines R/C Racers

Step up to the wheel and get ready to race! This NASCAR Micro-Reality race track features 6 racing consoles and cars for great racing action. A big screen TV tracks the leader board while music and racing announcers cover the play by play. Don't miss it!



The SuperDogs come in all shapes and sizes and have been dazzling and delighting audiences for decades.  Fast-paced, interactive, heart-warming and hilarious, experience the fun of these amazing SuperDogs!!


 Superheros Alex Animation

Holy Batman!!  Watch out for Superheroes and Disney characters wandering throughout the grounds!! Be sure to get a photo with Captain America, Mickey Mouse or a princess!  You might even see some superhero pups! 2024 schedule coming soon!


Swampbear Chainsaw Art

Custom chainsaw sculptures and wood work of Canadian artist Joel Palmer, aka Swamp Bear. Find him near Critter Alley (Bldg 3).  Swamp Bear Art

Turn em Loose Speedway

Check out our kid's racetrack!  Let them experience the thrill of the open road, within a safe environment. Sure to be a hit for those with a need for speed!